About us

Dhubecon Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is a small consulting firm established in 2012 that is providing consulting services within the civil engineering industry. Dhubecon specialises in traffic engineering which includes studies such as traffic impact assessments, traffic statements, site traffic assessments, access investigations, parking studies, traffic signals, transport planning and non- motorised and public transport facilities. As part of our traffic engineering consulting services, we also assist developers and other professionals with due diligence investigations and site development plans.
One of our core services, in addition to the traffic engineering studies, is the implementation of the road and intersection upgrades identified in the earlier stages of the project (e.g. TIA and Access Investigation stage). This comprises of the detail geometric design stage, obtaining wayleave approvals from the authorities and the supervision during the construction stage. We believe that our sound knowledge in traffic engineering gives us the edge to carry out the detail design and the implementation of these upgrades. Vice versa; the detail design component has further strengthened our traffic engineering knowledge and competence.