Consulting services provided

Traffic Impact Assessments & Traffic Statements

We undertake full traffic impact assessments (TIA) for various types and sizes of developments.

Geometric Design & Implementation

Dhubecon believes that sound traffic engineering and geometric design cannot be separated.

Site Traffic Assessments

Site Traffic Assessments (STA) focus on the internal traffic engineering aspects of new or existing developments.

Access Investigations

Although an access investigation forms an integral part of any traffic impact assessment or traffic statement, the development potential and success of many types of developments largely depend on the accessibility of the site with respect to the surrounding road network.

Parking Investigations & Parking Relaxations

Parking provision is a very important component of most types of developments, but also an expensive part of a development. It is therefore essential that the provision of on-site parking be planned and management correctly.

Traffic Signals

With thousands of traffic signals only in Gauteng, this feature is one of the most important areas of a traffic engineer, and which requires proper investigation and planning.

Traffic Counts

We frequently undertake traffic counts and also offer this service to other consulting engineers.

Traffic Engineering Consultancy

With the extensive background in traffic engineering, our services further extend with the ability to provide expert advice to a wide range of clients, including developers, corporates, businesses, asset managers, project managers, town planners, architects and civil engineers.

Public Participation & Tribunal Hearings

Most traffic impact assessments form part of an application for a change in land use (i.e. township establishment or rezoning), in which case not all affected parties are in support of.

Transport Planning

Many large-scale developments require road master planning or precinct planning, especially in cases where such planning had not been put into place by the local authority.

Non-Motorised & Public Transport

Public transport is and will become more and more important in the future of South Africa, which is equally important to government and the private sector.

‘Section 7’ Reports

In terms of Act 8 of 2002 of the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act, new developments which lie within close proximity of a planned provincial routes require a written report to address its impact on the future road.

Amendments to Preliminary Designs

Given the Gauteng Strategic Roads Master Planning that was developed around the 1980s and 1990s, which is being protected by the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act.

Filling Stations

Investigations with respect to new and/or existing filling stations.